Trans' Art



I was born near Paris in 1988 and spent my childhood in the south of France.

Daughter of an artist, I always enjoyed my mother's creativity which greatly developed mine. I got formed in Academy Charpentier in Paris. There I learnt rigorous academic bases. Passionate with sculpting and painting, but also very concerned by our environment, the idea of ​​giving new life to stuff like newspaper or cardboard naturally inspired me...

So I got started gradually, in parallel with my studies, carving and shaping characters and animals in paper. Having more and more people enjoying my work encouraged me to pursue this way. So I decided to make it my job. My studio is located in Bures sur Yvette, Essonne.

To conclude, a wise old man said, "Nothing created everything transformed" and I like to think, in my own way, I give life to these few words.


我是一位艺术家的女儿,我总是喜欢我母亲的创造力,这很大程度上是我的发明。 我在巴黎的Academy Charpentier长大。 我在那里学习了严谨的学术知识。 我对雕塑和绘画充满激情,但也非常关注我们的环境,给报纸或纸板等东西赋予新生命的想法启发了我......

所以我逐渐开始研究,在纸上雕刻和塑造人物和动物。 越来越多的人喜欢我的作品,鼓励我这样去追求艺术。 所以我决定把它做成我的工作。 我的工作室位于Essonne的Bures sur Yvette。