Trans' Art

Mathilde Dauguet


Set up in Lisbon (Portugal) to find a new inspiration and peace to create, the French painter, Dauguet completed in 2013, the First Circle, a set of canvas, painted with pure pigments, linseed oil and free creation.

This collection is a search of the nature of the human soul and the collective unconscious.  That would link our souls and invite us to a break our social and cultural influences that limit us in our freedom.

As a reference of the Circle, the universal symbol of unity, Dauguet delivers an optimistic perspective of the Humankind. After several exhibitions, in Lisbon, Paris and more recently in London, Dauguet is pleased to bring the First Circle in China, through a new set of canvas, presented exclusively for this event.



作为圆圈的象征-----统一的标志,多盖乐表达了自己对人性的乐观态度。 经过多次在里斯本,巴黎和最近的伦敦展览后,多盖乐很高兴通过专门为此次活动提供的一组新画布,将第一环带到中国。