Trans' Art
Niki Neuts
she was born September 1, 1966 in France

lives and works in the Oise 1275 rue beautiful and good - Bridge St. Maxence (Oise - 60700)

studied at the Higher Institute of Arts & Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD International) in 1994/1995 and at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques Graphics (ESTIENNE) 1997/1998 graphic designer since 1985 and Artistic Director of the strong experiences they learned more over the years his pictorial research before exposing.

I feel a movement, an attitude, and my only desire is to express the trait, color and material. I direct reflection of our unconscious, and gives birth to a dream world and metaphorical universe peopled hybrid faces extravagant. Delusional beings and sophisticated, taking animals, gods, demons, their sides primitive, instinctive, their symbolic. I consider the human being in its most essential form, the beginning (life) and the end (death) do that everything else is research.


生活和工作在瓦兹美丽安宁的 - 圣马德斯桥(Oise - 60700)

她于1994年至1995年在德国高等艺术与技术学院(ESMOD International)学习,并于1985年在法国高等艺术和技术图形学院(ESTIENNE)1997/1998担任平面设计师和艺术总监一职, 多年来他潜心于绘画研究。

“我认为我感受到一种运动,一种态度,我唯一的愿望就是表达特质,颜色和材料。 我直接反映了出我们的无意识,表现出一个梦幻世界。我希望表现出想象中的生物和复杂的动物,神,恶魔和他们的象征。描绘人物是我最基本的艺术表现形式,表现他们的开始(生命)和结束(死亡)和其他的一切。