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1. Program Introduction

In 2018, Trans’ Art International continues to promote international exchanges. We invite artists from all over the world to participate in our Artist Residency Program, in which more chances of domestic and foreign exchanges and other exhibition activities will be offered. Participators of this program can also join in our annual activities

2. Residence Duration

Residence Duration: Minimum one week. (7 days as a unit)  

The residency length is based on the specific project plan of artists.

3. Qualification of Applicants

This program is open to artists, art amateurs, designers, art students and artgroups all over the world. And it mainly focuses on the field of contemporary art. There is no limitation for applicants’ usage of media during art creation. But specific requirements of each program should be confirmed by themselves.

4. Application Procedure

Applicants should provide:

         (1) CV:

Latest CVs in English. Applicants should ensure all information in the CVs is authentic.

Note: naming of documents: for example, XX’s resume

         (2) Collections of reprsentative works with pictures and descriptions:

The collections should display applicants’ artistic features and fully represent their personal styles and thoughts. The description of works and creation processes should not exceed 500 words. The information must be in French.


       - Documents of audios, videos, images, and texts must be sent in the form of MP3, MP4, JPG or Word format.

       - Files should be named as follows:

         a) naming of works: name of the artist, name of the work, category/ material, size, and creation year;

         b) naming of documents: for example, XX’s introduction of works

       -Visual pictures should be no more than 10 with the minimum clarity of 1MB.

       -Trans’ Art International Artist Residency Program has the right to use applicants’ documents (including applicants’ portraits and CVs), artworks (including audios, videos, images, and texts) for media promotion in the website and other activities.

         (3) Project plan

It refers to applicants’ creation plan which should be made by applicants first, containing overall arrangements during the residency and requirements such as time and space during the residency. Applicants can make specific changes in their plans to fit in Trans’ Art International' projects and make proposes about exhibitions of their works, salons, lectures or exchanges. Then after confirming the final plan with Trans’ art International, the applicant will take the responsibility for extra arrangements. The plan should be in English.  

         (4) The Residency Application Form

It is a major document. Please download and fill out it. The application should be completed in English or French. (Please download the Residency Application Form)

         (5) Upon preparation, please send documents to the official email at: with the title as application for Trans’ Art International Artist Residency Program.

5. Exhibition of works

During residency, participating artists should regularly provide information to Trans’Art International for related publicity and promotion. Artists will have regular meetings with related staff to discuss the progress and implementation of the plan. Participators will have the opportunities to open workshops, academic discussions, salon talks, other educational exchange activities and the final annual exhibition.

6. Related rights and obligationCondition

(1) Trans’ Art International will provide artists not only the space, materials and accommodations during residency, but also publicity and media support, and then organize artists’ exchanges according to different programs.

(2) Trans’ Art International will build webpages in both Chinese and English for artists’promotion in China. Trans’ Art International can also offer opportunities for annual exhibitions, work sale and promotions, if artists are willing to sign a long-term cooperation agreement with Trans’ Art International.  

(3) Artists own creations during the residency (except works donated to Trans’ art International Artist Residency Program). However, the related expenses of transporting works shall be paid by artists themselves.

(4) Artists should take part in studio interactivity, academic discussions, salons, lectures or related educational exchanges that are organized by Trans’ Art International and have opportunities to participate the final annual exhibition.

(5) With the artist’s consent, a piece of work or works created before or during the residency will be donated to Trans’ Art International Artist Residency Program.

Donation rules are as follows:

Painting   7 days residency:    50x80CM painting.

               14 days residency: 2 pieces of 50x60CM paintings or 1 piece of 100X100CM painting.

               (According to the different type of painting, the rules can be changed.)


               A representative piece of artists’ previous works shall be selected by Trans’ Art International Artist Residency Program as a donation with artists’ consent. The size of the donation is 50X60CM at least. 10 photographs artists created during residency shall be selected by Trans’ Art International and artists to own the copyright together.

Note: As for the donation of other artistic categories such as sculpture, installation art, design, new media, drama, artists need to communicate with Trans’ Art International according to the program and artists’ residency plan.

(6) After confirming the residency qualification, artists hall formally email their own consulate in Chengdu to apply for media support and project support in order to give more help to Trans’ Art International Artist Residency Program.

7. Notice

Please do not send the original works or any other valuable documents to Trans’ Art International without consultation, or related materials will not be sent back. Information and materials applicants provided must be correct and authentic. Artists should take legal responsibilities for information they provided. If applicants do not submit materials as Trans’ Art Internaional ruled, they will miss the opportunity for residency this time.

8.Contact Us

For any questions about Trans’ Ar International Artist Residency Program, please contact:  


Address: No.2576, Jin River 4 Section Shuang Liu District, Chengdu (双流区金河区42576)




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