Trans' Art

Justine Duhayon
贾斯汀 · 杜海因

Born in 1988, Lille, Justine Duhayon, a self-taught painter and writer, grew up in an atmosphere marked by both travel and creation as a vital

link between the inner and outer worlds.

The impression her work makes is immediate. It does not take long to notice the rhythmic pulses of her painterly technique.

There is no depth of field, yet one can still find the harmony in the chaos of the drips and shapes. And if you want to touch the sharp and

curved textures of her paintings to find out where she has been, you should just ask her. With smiling eyes, she would be happy to tell you all

about it.

贾斯汀· 杜海因出生于1988年,是一位自学成才的画家兼作家。成长在旅行和创作氛围浓厚的环境里,是将她内心世界和外部世界连接的关键。